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What is magic mirror max skin analyzer machine?

Magic Mirror Max is the world’s most advanced skin detection equipment together with shooting, analyzing, displaying 3 in 1. It adopts RGB, UV, PL spectral imaging technology, combines with artificial intelligence and image analysis,12 years market testing, 30 million clinical databases, achieving 15 seconds efficient skin analysis. Such as: spot, pore, moisture, texture, wrinkle and so on total 12 dermis and epidermis skin problems. According to the test results, Magic Mirror Max recommends products for customized skin management program and predicting the trend of future skin 3-5 years. It is an essential skin detection equipment for cosmetic company, beauty salon, skin clinic and training school, the market demand rate can be as high as 100%.

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1. Android platform system,more intelligent and convenient.
2. Automatic face recognition technology.
3. Skin aging and skin beautifying to show the skin condition in next 3~5 years.
4. Wifi transfer database,cloud storage,bath database management.
5. 30 million clinical database,based on large data,combines with artificial intelligence and image analysis.
6. Analysis

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Analyze skin situation by high resolution RGB / UV photo taking. Demonstrate skin defects such as spots, Pore, Evenness Acne and Sun-damage.

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Power 55W
voltage 110~230 VAC ±10%V
Pixel 20 Megapixel
Screen Size 15.6 inch
Current 0.2A 50HZ
Machine Size 45cm* 55cm* 40cm
Package Size 57cm* 49cm* 73cm

Details & Structures

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Mainly used cosmetic company, beauty salon, skin clinic and training school.

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